Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 1, Cincinnati

 So, Day 1. This morning I was happy. Know why? Because we were going to Cincinnati! I am at the hotel and the city is awesome. We went to Mary's expo for the race here, then went to eat, then went to look at the hotel gym with our group, then went into our hotel room, then went to THE HALL OF MIRRORS. Well, Mary and I looked at The Hilton Cincinnati Ghost Stories. First off, there is a lady in green.. bla bla bla.... you can look it up. Soooo we went there and took pictures and you will see, it is cool. And spooky.... OF COURSE! Here is Day 1.
Mary getting ready

Daddy caught her

my sweet hearts!

ready to go!

elsie wants to go!!

goin' to be a long day!

travel kit

were on the rode!

help me, this is just the beginning landan

just got done with lunch (Zaxby's!)

always on her phone
getting a few shots on other people!

she has pretty hair, doesn't she!

beautiful venue


may not see, but it says "Florence Ya'll!)

see it?

finally, 6 hrs of drivin' and finally here!


the ol' bridge

other bridge

football field

our hotel is the tallest building in this pic!

sister bethany

awww, daughter and dad


same carriage

big building

we thought this was the hall of mirrors but it wasn't


aww look at them... LOL

now this is the hall of mirrors (roof)
hall of mirrors



im comin down


why did mary take this pic?

try to get better pics mar mar!


she tricked me, making me think that camera was on elevator

urg.... im gonna get you mary!!!!
This was Day 1, Day 2 tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

first day at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys I dont have pictures but today was my first school day at my new school!!!! New friend and i love the school too! In case you were wondering I had an awesome lunch! M&Ms Chicken with ketchup and juice and something else I forgot.... I love today and as soon as I get pictures.... you will know the rest (post the pictures)!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

new house, leaving school

 did not want to have a picture!!!!!
                                          new room... new house
                                          was sick
                                          dont i look bad?
she got a surprise from her old boss!
                                                    painting... the day before i was sick!
"grilling boys"
                                                   soo.... i did the honors
                                          sittin in the backseat
                                            love my closet! what do you think?
                                              last day at J:E Williams Elementary
                                                    playing on my phone
other half of the closet
                                                 and to all of the whole school, teachers, students, farewell J:E Williams!