Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Haircut and Day.

My haircut is great! I can't believe how good it looks. Looks like I am 13! My second favorite haircuter is Kim. A person that cut my hair like this! Ok here is about my day.It all started waking up to see Mary's beautiful face. And then I went in the shower and got ready for school.I went to school,but this haircut was not yesterday.I know,I know.It feels like it but it isn't.And then I came back home. Did EXTREMELY HARD homework! It was ok,but still. Well I hope you folks had a good day.Goodnight and have a goods night sleep.Oh and also,we went to Chedders. I had a adult size cheeseburger with ketchup and mayonaisse.MMMMM. That was good! Mary had chicken fingers with ribs too.Daddy had chicken tenders,potato skins,and nacho's. That was a good dinner.And then we drove to home and it comes to right now. :)


  1. First off, that haircut is awesome! You're right, you look much older than 10 with that handsome hair style.

    Long division is tough at first but you will get the hang of it. It just takes practice (bet you knew I was gonna say that). Just wait until you're a freshman in high school and your teacher makes you divide letters AND, that's confusing! You'll think back to 4th grade and WISH you were learning long division again. I know you probably won't believe that now but just wait and see. :)

    I am so proud of you, Landan!

  2. Love your haircut and your blog! Can't wait to see you and watch more Christmas movies :)

  3. Do you remember that I made you stay up all night? I am sorry.

  4. Yes, I will come to your house and maybe we can make some cookies and enjoy movies earlier so it won't be so late! You don't have to be sorry, though. I enjoyed spending time with you!