Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Haircut and Day.

My haircut is great! I can't believe how good it looks. Looks like I am 13! My second favorite haircuter is Kim. A person that cut my hair like this! Ok here is about my day.It all started waking up to see Mary's beautiful face. And then I went in the shower and got ready for school.I went to school,but this haircut was not yesterday.I know,I know.It feels like it but it isn't.And then I came back home. Did EXTREMELY HARD homework! It was ok,but still. Well I hope you folks had a good day.Goodnight and have a goods night sleep.Oh and also,we went to Chedders. I had a adult size cheeseburger with ketchup and mayonaisse.MMMMM. That was good! Mary had chicken fingers with ribs too.Daddy had chicken tenders,potato skins,and nacho's. That was a good dinner.And then we drove to home and it comes to right now. :)

My Acting Play Day!!!

This is me telling a story and I am a narrator. And the girl beside me is too. I loved that day.
The last one is my acting teacher. Our fairy godmothers were out today, so our acting teacher did their parts.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Aaahhhh. Had a good day and ready to go to bed. My day was good. Did not have dinner.But will. I love whoever got on this. I hope I have a goodnight sleep.

Snow on WinterLand!!!!

My day was great! There was snow this morning. There was snow at school.  Wow.  How would I make a day better?Hmm.You might can. Just make more comments.That is all. Snowy day for me!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The First Post

This is my first time writing a blog. The date was 11-28-11 when I made this. I hope I remember my blog when I grow up. I will remember the times of my life. I hope I post pictures wisely and carefully because I might,when I grow up,I would look the pictures and say, "Darn, should have not posted that."        
That is a picture of me. It was on Thanksgiving.