Sunday, December 16, 2012

famous texting

Well, guess what! I got texted back by a famous photographer! Her name is @taza her nickname but her real name is Naomi Davis! Her blog is! If u have Instagram, go to her profile and it will say 113k RIGHT NOW but of you just got this then it would probably be 200k, that's how famous she is!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

burritt mountain

                     Well, if you think I'm kidding, I'm not. My friend, Joseph spent the night with me and WENT with Mary, daddy, and I to Burritt Mountain in Huntsville,AL! Isn't that cool! I have never had somebody or a friend go somewhere with me that far and that high up! Here is some pictures Mary took of us and on the mountain! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Oh one more thing, Joseph wore me out on the mountain.

                                                Joseph likes Santa's helper!
                                                    Joseph is a jerk (Junior Educated Rich Kid)
                                                          He is not cool (Constipated Overweighted Out-of Style Loser)
                                                           Eating cookies and apple cider!
                                                                I don't like peeps staring at me
                                                             AND ANOTHER COOKIE THAT I MADE!!!

                                                        ^^^we were heading to one cabin then I saw the cookies. Last year we made cookies or put the icing on top, and this year it happened again. Guess what? The person who had the cookies was I THINK was English or England and she said that in England they call cookies, "biscuits". So, if i haven't known that they called that, and if I said if i could have a biscuit for breakfast, they would bring me a cookie. Then Joseph said this to her, "What about if I say, may I please have a jelly biscuit?" Then she said she haven't tried that yet. So, I guess she has been in England one time and another. You should go to Burritt Mountain, weither you are a kid or not, just go there!